Specialists in linings for the corrosion industry

sulfuric acid towers

Sulphuric acid towers: DCE Corrosion Engineering  also installs specialised acid linings for sulphuric acid towers and sulphur burners with ORG polyisobutylene membranes or PTFE and lead membranes. The company also offers the latest self-support grid dome technology, which replaces conventional brick walls with grid beams. 


Pressure leach autoclaves: The Company also installs brick linings for autoclaves, and has a considerable amount of knowledge. experience and expertise in this field of work.


Phosphoric acid reactors for fertiliser industry: Phosphoric acid reactors are traditionally rubber lined, with carbon bricks placed on top. All carbon bricks and rubber linings are imported from Germany, while the Resacid L phenolic resin mortar is manufactured by the Company.


Chemical process vessels: DCE Corrosion Engineering has extensive experience in brick lining chemical process vessels such as venture scrubbers, chlorine drying towers, ferric chloride reactors, hydrochloric acid reactors and flash vessels. We offer various types of linings such as foam glass, carbon bricks, high alumina and silica bricks, depending on the chemical conditions. 

epoxy flooring
epoxy flooring
epoxy flooring
Corrosion resistant tiles
Corossion resistant bricks


Corrosion Resistant Brick Linings

Our heavy-duty industrial flooring system constructed of acid-proof brick systems are essential in areas subject to heavy loads, aggressive chemical and high thermal shock loading. Bricks are available in a variety of sizes and are applied with impermeable membranes subject to the application.

Tile Linings systems

The 14mm dense lining provides exceptional chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, solvents and handles mechanical stresses, thermal shock and abrasion. Other added benefits include non-slip, corrosion, scratch and free-thaw resistance, antistatic, antibacterial, aesthetics, and hygienic advantages.  

Together with a variety of membranes and mortars, these tiles can be applied to the following light and heavy industries:  chemical processing industries, food and beverage, petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, fertilizer, iron and steel, textile, electronics, kitchens, restaurants hospitals, shopping and business centres and environmental protection industries. 

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance 
  • Handles Thermal Shock
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Polyurethane screeds

DCE Corrosion Engineering manufactures a wide range of materials, including; polyurethane screeds for the food and beverage industries, chemical plant, and the mining industry.

Extremely tough polyurethanes can provide a resurfacing screed for heavy-duty industrial floor areas, which will provide outstanding durability and high chemical spillage resistance. Epoxy also provides the ideal floor topping screed for those floor areas that demand high performance with a highly decorative appearance. 

Features include:

  • Relatively low-modulus system, better able to tolerate substrate movement and stesses
  • Very high levels of abrasion and wear resistance
  • Available in red, yellow,  cream and grey
  • An attractive solution to the demands of most industries

Self-Levelling Epoxy Coating

Self-levelling epoxy flooring systems are simply the best when it comes to attactive flooring requirements. This aesthetically pleasing high  finish not only looks good, but is a breeze when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. 

Its quality resins assist with a very low odour upon application and can be installed over large areas with minimal downtime. Applied from 1mm-4mm thick, its chemical, abrasion and mechanical resistance qualities cater for most flooring environments. 

With its self-smoothing properties and professional installation by DCE Corrosion Engineering’s team, all of the self-leveling epoxy screeds qualities will add value to your flooring needs.

This exemplary product can be applied to concrete floors and to existing epoxy floors (subject to testing) and results in a smooth, hard, impervious, easy-to-clean surface which does not harbour bacteria and which can withstand high traffic loading such as forklift trucks.