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Turning original ideas into world-class products

Refraline has expanded its services to include the full scope of original-equipment manufacturing, including refractory lining design, and material research and development.

Refraline has developed a range of monolithic refractory materials, which has undergone significant testing. The company’s R&D facility enables it to develop customer-specific refractory materials and set new trends. 

Gel - bonded linings:- Nanotechnology in refractory materials

Manfred Rösch details the technology that reduces cost of ownership of refractory lined vessels

Gel- bonded linings

Refbond nano-gel on a brick. This image shows a fired test cube



Vision and Mission statement

Vision:  Leaders in refractory and corrosion engineering solutions,
saving our clients’ money and energy.

Mission: We offer solutions to our customers in the development,
manufacture, demolition, installation and supply of refractory and corrosion materials.

Hard work in a foundry, melting iron
Refractory Engineering