We are an Essential
Services provider

A letter to all our clients

Customer commitment is a core value of the Refraline Group of Companies, this includes ensuring material
supply, installation and providing you with the best service for efficient operations.
COVID 19 has affected all countries and businesses including our operations. Refraline has put the following
measures in place to help curb the spread of this disease.

  1. We have convened a COVID 19 task team, headed by our Group SHEQ Manager to advice on how to mitigate the risk to our employees, clients and public at large.
  2. A massive education programme was launched to educate our people on the virus, symptoms and prevention.
  3. Hand sanitiser has been provided to all maintenance sites as well as some project sites.
  4. Employees that have returned from overseas travel went into isolation for two weeks.
  5. Hygiene programmes have been stepped up, including hand washing and sanitization of offices, buildings, etc.
  6. Refraline has been approved as an essential services provider, a certificate is available on request

With the announcement on the 23th of March by the President of the Republic, President Cyril Ramaphosa that the country will go under full lockdown and isolation from midnight the 26th of March till midnight on the 30 April 2020, we ask that should you provide an essential service and require material or installation from any of our sites or companies, to please contact the relevant Site Manager regarding logistics, etc. We are including the telephone numbers of all the Directors and senior managers please feel free to contact them at any time for help.

Manfred Rosch – Refraline: 082-579-2120
Rudy Van Der Walt – Refraline Natal: 082-784-0599
Leon Erasmus – Refraline Northern KZN, DCE Corrosion Engineering, Refntombi: 082-417-7735
Rudi Koller – Refraline projects: 082-552-1325
Chris Nagel – Chief Financial Officer: 082-385-8000
Jacques Krog – Group SHEQ Manager – 082-303-3634

Manfred Rosch
Managing Director

What we can offer

COVID 19 Protection & Awareness

  • On-site Training
  • Company specific consultation
  • 100% Cotton Masks for all employees
  • PPE Use and care information session
  • Custom hygiene toolbox talks
  • COVID 19 readiness company audit
  • Pandemic Risk assessment and assistance
  • Training customisation possible

COVID 19 and the SARS COV-2 virus is set to change the way we work, live and interact with our daily environments. As employers we have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep our employees safe and healthy. But do you know what to do in the workplace? setting?

What happens if somebody displays signs and symptoms? What are the signs and symptoms?
How do I protect my employees from not getting COVID 19 – Am I ready? We can help!

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