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SAILS 301 Self Leveling EpoxySAILS 301 Self-Leveling Epoxy

SAILS 301SL Self-Levelling Epoxy Coating

SAILS 301 self-levelling epoxy flooring systems are simply the best when it comes to attactive flooring requirements. This aesthetically pleasing high  finish not only looks good, but is a breeze when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. 

Its quality resins assist with a very low odour upon application and can be installed over large areas with minimal downtime. Applied from 1mm-4mm thick, its chemical, abrasion and mechanical resistance qualities cater for most flooring environments. 

With its self-smoothing properties and professional installation by DCE Corrosion Engineering team, all of SAILS 301 self-leveling epoxy screeds qualities will add value to your flooring needs.

This exemplary product can be applied to concrete floors and to existing epoxy floors (subject to testing by the DCE Corrosion Engineering Technical Department) and results in a smooth, hard, impervious, easy-to-clean surface which does not harbour bacteria and which can withstand high traffic loading such as forklift trucks. 

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