Service Contracts


Tundish Spraying

Service Contracts

Full time, year-round service contracts are now available from Refraline Natal, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies. By stationing high skilled and experienced service staff, Refraline Natal can offer full-line-supply, from sourcing to installing refractories. Refraline Natal also manages entire fleet of ladles, ensuring optimum availability and on-time delivery of hot ladles to operations departments.

By outsourcing service and maintenance to Refraline Natal, clients enjoy reduced downtime and more consistent quality of production, while also benefiting from the vast experience Refraline Natal has aquired. In South Africa alone, the Refraline Group of Companies employs more than 200 full-time maintenance specialists.

Employing skilled staff, sophisticated equipment and innovative methods, the company can replace or repair refractory production components without causing undue delay.

Quality workmanship is ensured by keeping up-to-date with the latest technological developments both in the industries serviced, as well the refractory industry itself.

This proven outsourcing concept has achieved improved plant availability through combined efforts of all disciplines, whereas Refraline Natal specialists work hand in hand with our client.



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