Insulation and Cladding

Refraline Natal Pty Ltd a subsidiarry of Meadowdale based Refraline Pty Ltd has recently increased its specialised workfoce to better serve the external Insulation and cladding market. The creation of a new cladding division adds another service to our scope of work.

We specialise in all forms of hot insulation consisting of but not limited to:


-Insulation and cladding of road bulk haulers.

-Insulation and cladding of boilers.

-Insulation and cladding of pipework.

-Insulation and cladding of silencers and tailpipes.

-Insulation and cladding of static storage tanks.

-Insulation and cladding of ovens and panels.

-Removable insulated boxes and blankets.


We specialise in all forms of cold insulation consisting of but not limited to:


Road Tanker Insulation

-Insulation and cladding of cold rooms.

-Insulation and cladding of cold ducting.

-Insulation and cladding of cold lines and vessels as for example

The dairy, food and perishable goods industry.


Our cladding is offered in a wide range of material options for example:

-Stainless steel sheeting.

-Galvanized sheeting.

-Chromadec sheeting.Cladding

-Aluminium sheeting.

-GRP sheeting.

-Zintex sheeting.

-Or to suit customer requirements.

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