Rotary Kiln Refractory Brick Lining, Refractory Installation

Cement & Lime Industry:

Refraline has undertaken complete refractory installations at cement plants throughout southern Africa, Asia and the Middle East. For effective lining removal, the company employs remote-controled Brokk demolition machines, which reduce downtime, increase productivity and improve safety.

Refraline also utilises pneumatically operated bricking rigs, pneumatic castable conveying machinery, special mixing machinery and telescopic handlers - which deliver refractory materials to otherwise inaccessible locations.

Refraline has successfully completed the refractory installation of all the equipment utilised in the production of lime and cement, including, but not limited to, cyclones, coolers, feed pipes, tertiary air ducting, hoppers, vertical shaft kilns, pre-heaters, hot gas generators, hoods, risers, calciners and rotary kilns.



Container Glass Furnace refractory Lining Dome, Refractory Installation

Glass Industry:

Refraline has successfully completed a number of container glass furnace turnkey installations. Taking into account the extreme heat involved, specialised equipment aimed at minimising downtime has been developed to perform maintenance and repairs on glass furnaces without disrupting operations.

Refraline offers highly skilled operators, technologists and engineers able to provide complete turnkey installation services. The company has undertaken installations of all equipment utilised in the production of glass, including, but not limited to regenerators, flugas duct, fore-hearth, feeder and furnace.



Hex Mesh Wear LiningFerrules In Tube Sheet

Petrochemical Industry:

South Africa’s petrochemical refineries have a wide diversification of refractory applications, from Flair Tips to FCCU unit and from Boilers to Heaters, all requiring differing installation methods. Refraline has service and turnaround contracts at four of the major refineries in South Africa. 

FCCU (Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit) is the heart of a refinery and requires the installation of Hexmesh into the cyclones, before being filled with a high abrasive resistant material. This is a specialised installation that has been carried out by Refraline’s experienced team of artisans on many occasions. Refraline would arrange and supervise the installation of the Hexmesh that can only be installed by competent, knowledgeable and skillful welders.

Heaters and Reformers: The heaters are lined either with a semi-dense insulation refractory material or Ceramic fibre modules. Refraline would use their qualified crews for the installation of the gunited Semi-dense lining or the fitting and installation of the ceramic fibre lining.

In some heaters, there are centre walls constructed of firebricks and burner blocks, these walls and burner blocks would be built/installed by our highly trained refractory bricklayers.

Boilers: Refraline’s proficient labour force has know-how and training to install cross-castable baffles in the boiler mainbank  and the shuttering and casting of the spreader areas.

Tube sheets: The installation of the ferrules into the tubes with the correct accurate specifications that is required in this critical installation, and the ramming of the refractory ramming material round the outside of the ferrules to hold the in position.

Refraline’s project team is familiar with maintaining the highest level of workmanship as required by UOP, Sasol, Chevron and Natref refinery specifications. 


 Carbon Block Installation Submerged Arc Furnace



Submerged Arc Furnace

Ferro Alloy Industry:

Refraline has proven itself to be a reputable refractory installation company in this industry. In co-operation with large engineering design companies, major projects have been sucessfully completed. Refraline can provide turnkey solutions, in terms of refractory lining design, refractory material supply and installation.

This includes, but is not limited to, the refractory installation of DC-Arc furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, open arc furnaces, sinterplants, pellitising plants, converters and auxiliary equipments such as feed pipes, launders, ladles and tap-holes. 

Ferro alloy operations are especially suited to maintenance, as more and more production facilities outsource their refractory requirements for ladles and converters. Refraline has extensive experience in maintenance contracts and can provide cost effective solutions and skilled labour to manage the daily refractory needs of ferro-alloy production plants.

As an independent material supplier, Refraline can source the correct refractory materials for all applications. This results in cost savings, improvements in productivity and allows customers to focus on their core competencies.

Skilled refractory installers can be provided during times of high maintenance requirements. The consequence is that plants need to employ only a skeleton staff to manage day-to-day running operations.



Steel Plant

Iron and Steel Industry:

The iron and steel industry is the primary consumer of refractory materials. Traditionally, this market consumes large quantities of refractory materials. As an industry trend, the continuous demand for cleaner and higher quality steel has put pressure on the refractory industry to develop higher quality and longer lasting refractory materials.

The resulting materials are much more expensive and require more sophisticated installation techniques. Refraline has secured its position as a leading refractory contractor through the proactive training and education of its personnel.

The company, in association with BEROA Group, has extensive experience in the relining of most of the major units in the iron and steel industry, covering all aspects of iron and steel making. This includes primary processes such as direct reduction rotary kilns, blast furnace stoves, complete blast furnace relines and torpedo cars to secondary processes such as arc furnacees, LD converters, CLU converters, ladels and tundishes. In addition, Refraline has extensive experience in the relining of steel processing furnaces such as walking beam, Morgan Mills, roller hearth annealing and continuous annealing furnaces.

Through its association with the BEROA Group, Refraline has the ability to provide all steel production plants with refractory installation and material supply expertise in the form of maintenance contracts.



 PF Wear Lining

Power Generation:

The power industry demands very intricate and precise refractory installations that are coupled with the supply of refractory materials as turnkey projects. Refraline is an independent refractory material supplier with the ability to source the correct refractory material for the specific needs of the power industry. The company has satisfied the refractory installation requirements of several power plants. Specific references include repairs on boiler burner mouths, ash hopper noses, soot blowers, access doors and PF wear lining pipes and PF nozzles.



Magnesium Electrolytic Cells 


Non-Ferrous Industry:

Refraline has, over the years, gained extensive experience in the field of refractory supply and installations to the non-ferrous metal industry. The company can provide skilled personnel to manage the relining of various equipment utilised in the industry. This includes, but is not limited to, copper convertors, holding furnaces, reverbatory furnaces, arc furnaces, coreless induction furnaces, six-in-line furnaces, and auxiliaries such as feed pipes, cyclones and wear linings for dust plants.
Furthermore, Refraline has the expertise to reline electrolytic cells and anode bake furnaces in the magnesium and aluminium industry. This experience is enhanced by its association with the BEROA Group, which specialises in these industries.



 Kiln Car

Brickmaking & Ceramics

Refraline's ability to achieve the highest level of service quality within the shortest period of time results from many years of experience in the brickmaking and ceramics industries, as a supplier of numerous refractory products and services. Typical activities include tunnel kiln lining and kiln car repairs, as well as the supply and servicing of kiln furniture for the manufacture of sanitary ware, ceramic, tiles and clay brick production.

Daily kiln car maintenance is one of the specialised services Refraline offers to the brickmaking and ceramic industry. This can be managed in the form of maintenance contracts or on a daily rate basis. This includes partial repair of complete refractory relining of tunnel kilns, rotary kilns, coolers and kiln cars.

Refraline has the ability to offer a full line service, which includes the supply of refractory materials. Precast shapes, castables and bricks can be sourced on both the international and local markets.

Refraline has successfuly completed the refractory installation on a number of brickmaking kilns, including Lingel, Keller, Walther and Swindell& Dressler.

Staff members responsible for installation, repair and maintenance are experts in the latest products and techniques relevant to brickmaking and ceramic plants.


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